All Pest Protection (APP) is a program of 4 annual services to:
Maintain a protective exterior barrier against insect pests
Monitor and maintain exterior rodent control devices
Address and treat any new pest problems that arise

Think of it as pest insurance

These services will control all of the pests that are likely to invade your home, including wood destroying insects like Carpenter Ants, and common nuisances such as Bees, Yellow Jackets, Rats, and Mice. It also visibly reduces the presence of pests such as Fruit Flies and Spiders, and the service includes the removal of visible spider webs attached to your home. If you experience pest problems in between regularly scheduled quarterly services, you simply call us and we will dispatch a Technician to treat and solve your problem at no additional charge.



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If an All Pest Protection customer experiences a pest infestation in or on their house or related outbuilding during the Warranty Period (see below), Sunrise will treat and control the infestation at no additional charge. Some specific pests and conditions are excluded, (see below). The services and treatments to achieve control may be performed at regular periodic visits or at separate special visits at the discretion of Sunrise in accordance with standard pest control industry practice and authoritative government agency guidelines.
The warranty period is from service to service, and ends when service is cancelled. If a regular periodic service is skipped or postponed per customer request, then the warranty period is suspended until after the resumption of regular services, at which first resumed service Sunrise will check for new infestations. If a new infestation has occurred then control must be achieved at normal service prices, charged in addition to the All Pest Protection periodic charge, before the Warranty Period will resume for that specific pest.
If the customer experiences rodent activity while already on APP, and Sunrise has not previously identified that Rodents are excluded from coverage under the APP Warranty for that particular Service Location, then a normal Initial Service for Rodents, an Exclusion Survey, and 1 Follow-Up Service are included per the APP Warranty. Additional Follow-Up Services as needed and authorized by the Customer to obtain control are billed at normal charges and minimums until all Exclusion Repairs noted per the Exclusion Survey, if any, have been completed. If the Customer elects not to complete Exclusion Repairs, then although the Warranty will not cover an infestation or re-infestation by rodents, We allow a maximum of (4) RBS on site before the price must be increased. The Warranty will not apply to re-infestations and/or exclusion repairs arising from actions or inactions by the customer or others that allow rodent access to the building, such as crawlspace doors left open, remodeling or other construction, etc. (see below). The Warranty does not cover damages to building components caused by rodent infestations or the cleanup of rodent infestations.
  • If an existing infestation is discovered at the Initial Service, then that specific pest is excluded from warranty coverage until the existing infestation has been treated and controlled at normal service charges and minimums. Sunrise will continue its normal control procedures intended to control general pests whether any specific pest is excluded from the Warranty or not.
  • Subterranean Termites and Bed Bugs are not covered.
  • Commercial Buildings and multifamily buildings are not covered.
  • Damage and/or cleanup caused by a pest infestation is not covered.
  • The treatment of building occupants and pets for bodily infestations is not covered.
  • The treatment of pest infestations of vegetation, whether exterior plantings or interior house plants, is not covered.
  • Pest infestations resulting from actions or inactions by the customer or others that allow pest access to the building, such as crawlspace doors left open, remodeling or other construction, inadequate vegetation control adjacent to the building, general disrepair, etc., are not covered.
  • Sunrise reserves the right to terminate service and the warranty if it determines in its sole discretion that the building, the occupants, or the uses of the building are inappropriate for continued service or warranty.