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How do you deal with ants in your home before calling pest control services? Our Pest Control Plan will shut down ants and other pests, and our advanced solutions adapt with seasonal pest activity to give you year-round protection. Guaranteed.

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Bed bugs are troublesome household pests. They’re sneaky, hard to find, and can pose potential health risks for you and your family.  Bed Bugs are blood-sucking insects of significant public health importance because they feed on the blood of sleeping people; however, they are not known to transmit disease.  

Top 3 Most Common Ants in Tacoma

Sunrise Pest Management | Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants are dark in color, and can be as large as 5/8ths of an inch.

Some Carpenter Ants may have wings, and are commonly misidentified as termites.

Carpetner Ants are a problem because they destroy wood, and Carpenter Ants can cause serious structural damage to your home.

Sunrise Pest Management | Ants

Odorous House Ants

Odorous House Ants (also called Sugar Ants) are about 1/8th of an inch long and are black in color.

Some people say Odorous House Ants smell like sweet coconut when squished.

Be careful, Odorous House Ants can detect and avoid over-the-counter pesticides, even causing Odorous House Ants to split their nest, making treatment much more difficult.

Sunrise Pest Management | Moisture Ants

Moisture Ants

Moisture Ants are very small and dark in color. Moisture Ants like wet wood, and they feed on the fungus that grows with wood rot.

We always tell customers that if you have Moisture Ants, then you also have a moisture problem. We can treat for the ants, but ants will keep coming back until the moisture problem is repaired.