Pest-proofing Your Home Before the Winter

November 16, 2022
As the temperature drops, rodents and pests just love to keep warm in the nooks and crannies of your home, just as much as you do. But here’s the good news! You can keep these pesky invaders at bay with these few simple tricks:

1. Hide all food.

When preparing food for the festivities, ensure that you aren’t providing a buffet for those pests. Keep all surfaces clean and free of crumbs and residue. Monitor your pantry or food storage areas for any holes in packages or food containers. Ensure they’re all sealed in containers to prevent easy access.

2. Seal all points of entry.

The best way to keep rodents and pests out of your house is to seal all points they can enter your home. Check windows and screens for any tears. Seal any cracks on your walls. Examine your piping system for gaps. Even the smallest tear, crack, or gap can easily be a point of entry for these adept pests.

3. Remove the clutter.

Clutter makes a really good hiding spot for these pests and rodents to thrive in. Especially in spaces, you don’t spend so much time in like storage spaces, basements, attics, garages, or extra rooms. A quick tidying up of these areas or organizing or getting rid of junk or boxes of junk will go a long way!

4. Don't forget the outside.

Before it gets too cold, trim the shrubs and branches that surround the area around your house. They could serve as bridges for these pests onto your roof or attic. Tidy up your lawn, remove weeds, and get rid of grass or leaf piles to ensure there is nowhere to hide.

5. Lastly, keep our contact information close.

Whether you suspect an infestation or would like us to check your home, our licensed Pest Control Technicians are only a call away should you experience any pest or rodent problems.

What We Can Do for You at Sunrise Pest Management.

1. We identify existing or potential concerns.

We ensure continuous inspection of your home so you can have a safe and pest-free environment for you, your family, and your home.

2. We tell you what you need to do.

After our technicians have inspected and evaluated your home, we provide you with information on what you need to do to fix these issues. We also provide you with recommendations about future services to prevent any infestation.

3. We fix it the best way we can.

We also provide pest control services and repairs, keeping in mind all our recommendations to prevent infestation. If our Technicians are unable to fix it, we have recommendations for people who can.

4. We help you prevent future infestations.

Our technicians are the best at what they do. We offer various programs that control all types of pests that are likely to invade your home while visibly reducing their presence.

5. We keep you and your home safe.

Sunrise Pest Management provides protection to your home by our regular pest control program. They serve as a barrier between your home and these pests.

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