Starting the New Year Right with Sunrise Pest Management’s All Pest Protection

January 19, 2023

What better way to start the new year than by getting started with Sunrise Pest Management’s All Pest Protection program?

Here at Sunrise Pest Management, we are dedicated to getting rid of pests and keeping them away. We have pest control services for all types of pests for all areas of your home or business.

We do this by first, getting rid of any active pest infestations, and then, we keep those pesky pests away by coming back and providing our All Pest Protection program.

All Pest Protection

The All Pest Protection program is a quarterly maintenance program where we monitor and maintain a protective exterior barrier against pests and rodents with the use of chemicals and exterior rodent control devices. We also address and treat any new pest problems as they arise.


Our All Pest Protection provides service that controls all of the pests that are likely to invade your home or business, such as ants, especially carpenter ants, termites, fruit flies, spiders, including their webs, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, bees, wasps, moles, yellow jackets, rats, mice, and many more!

Why Avail of Our All Pest Protection Program

It’s important to have continuous pest control to protect your property and investments, as any infestation and damage to these will be costly.

The All Pest Protection is meant to control all pests that are likely to invade your home or business with continuous inspection by our licensed Pest Control Technicians.

The All Pest Protection program visibly reduces the presence of pests in your home or business, therefore keeping your pets and children safe from the potential dangers these pests bring.

And if you experience pest problems in between the quarterly checks, you can simply give us a call and we will dispatch one of our licensed Pest Control Technicians to treat and solve your pest problems at no additional cost!

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