Cockroaches are one of the peskiest creatures that infest homes and restaurants. They hide in dark, moist, warm, especially hard-to-reach areas like cracks and crevices. Roaches have no season, and produce quickly, which makes killing roaches a challenge. Additionally, more than one species of Cockroach can infest a structure at once.

This is why we recommend contacting a licensed Pest Control expert to handle a Cockroach infestation. Sunrise has been handling roach control for over 40 years. From identifying problem areas to setting up bait stations, we can get rid of cockroaches and keep them out.

Know Your Pest. Control Your Pest.

Cockroaches are practically prehistoric. They live and thrive in many conditions, and breed rapidly. Females deposit their eggs in purse-like cases called ootheca. Emerging from egg cases, nymphs resemble young cockroaches. They are smaller and differ in color, but will quickly develop into adult roaches as they age. This entire cycle can happen within walls and hidden areas in your rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

When you combine poor sanitation with excess hiding places, the result is a large infestation. Treatment is most effective when we develop regular cleaning practices and reduce harborage areas. These two things are almost always necessary for proper elimination and prevention. Sunrise offers many cockroach control services including solutions to seal cracks and close entry points so they do not enter your home, business, or office.

Sunrise Pest Management can treat houses, businesses, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants. Please contact us regarding Cockroach Control.

End Cockroach problems in 3 easy steps

Step 1


Thorough Inspection and Identification

We begin with a thorough inspection of the structure. Your Technician will ask you to point out hotspots. They will also identify problem areas, make recommendations, and determine what treatment method may work best.

If you live in an apartment, we will also want to inspect neighboring units for activity. In apartment complexes or condos, one or two units may be a “seed” or root of the infestation. We’ll want to focus on those the most to ensure that repeat activity does not occur.

Step 2

Initial Treatment

Treatment and Follow-Ups

Your Technician will complete a treatment on the same day as your initial inspection. Our treatment combines pheromone baits, crack and crevice applications, as well as insect growth regulators to combat activity. This is where most over-the-counter or DIY pest control treatments fail. The secret to eradicating cockroaches from your home is to cripple their reproductive cycle. Other treatments such as fogs and sprays only kill the adults, but do not penetrate the egg. 

It may take a few bi-weekly Follow-Up services to eliminate activity. The Technician will recommend these services on a need-to-treat basis. We do not require you to complete a certain number of these Follow-Ups, but because of Cockroaches’ determined nature, we recommend going through with each service to ensure that the infestation is under control. From there, a preventative maintenance service will help stop future Roaches from moving in.

Step 3

All Pest Protection

Prevent Future Infestations

All Pest Protection is a quarterly maintenance service aimed to prevent infestations of general pests such as Ants, Rodents, Bees, and other insects. We come out on a 3-month rotation to provide an exterior perimeter spray where the home and foundation meet, spot treat around doors and windows for activity, sweep reachable webs and Spider egg sacs, and maintain Rodent Bait Stations (secured, locked, black plastic boxes) on the exterior of the home to mitigate outside Rodent populations.

All Pest Protection (APP) can also include various warranties for general pests, which are established after the Initial Inspection and Treatment. Once you get started, each quarterly service is only $109 before tax. Should your house be overrun by Fleas, Bees, or Spiders, or any of the pests eligible under your warranty, all you would have to do is give us a call. We’ll dispatch a Technician to complete a pest-specific treatment at no cost to you under your APP Warranty.

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