Controlling Fleas

Flea Control

Fleas typically feed on dogs or cats, but will also feed on humans. They pierce the skin and suck blood, much like a mosquito, leaving a red and itchy spot.  Obtaining control of a Flea infestation is a joint effort between the customer and the Pest Control Technician. General sanitation plays a key role in the severity of an infestation, and a regimen of vacuuming is essential to establishing control after a treatment has been provided. Pets should be treated for Fleas by a licensed veterinary professional in conjunction with any interior treatment. A vacancy period is required following application of materials.

End Flea problems in 3 easy steps.

Step 1


Day 1: Begin Treatment

Your Technician will inspect the inside of the home and look for all hot spots for flea activity and other potential pest problems. Making sure your pets are already on flea treatment will be very important to the control of fleas. Having all floors free of clutter and having all carpets vacuumed will be essential before your tech arrives. Also having all pet bedding washed in high heat and dried in a dryer will help speed up the process.

Step 2

Initial Treatment

60 day Warranty

Your Technician will treat all carpeted areas as well as crack and crevice applications throughout the home. Your technician will also lightly treat some furniture that may be a hotspot. They will also provide an exterior perimeter spray to help prevent outside fleas from making it inside. In some instances an outside lawn treatment might be needed, we can also do this at a separate cost. After your technician leaves he will leave a re-entry tag so that you know when you can re-enter your home.

Step 3

All Pest Protection Full Warranty

Service 4 times per year no contract required

All Pest Protection is the best way to keep fleas from re-infesting, and if they do we will come back out for a new treatment.  You get a preventative treatment every 3 months, or 4 times per year, and a full warranty against fleas as well as all other common pests.

All Pest Protection is covered by our Service to Service Warranty: if you see pest activity in between regular visits, just call, and we’ll come back and fix it for free.

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