Controlling Fleas

Flea troubles begin with dogs or cats who bring them in from outside. In serious cases, rodent activity can also cause infestations. Fleas are brown to black and slightly flat. Pets are the primary attractor for fleas. However, they will also feed on humans. 

Flea Control

You may not even notice a flea bite until hours later when an itchy red dot develops. Luckily, when we combine home treatments with pet treatments, fleas become easy to get rid of. The responsibility of treating the dog or cat in question rests on the owner, but we will take care of the rest. Sunrise has a tried-and-true treatment method and licensed technicians who are ready to help.
It can be challenging and expensive to get rid of fleas. Unlike most household pests, fleas can bite people and pets. Due to the potential for severe itching and irritation from the bites, pets with fleas will frequently require veterinary care. Tapeworms and bacterial infections can both be spread by fleas. If warning signs of an infestation are overlooked, flea populations can quickly get out of hand. Achieving control of a flea infestation is a joint effort between you and us.
We will complete a thorough treatment of your home to kill fleas, eggs and larvae, living on carpets or in baseboard crevices. Next, treating your pet for fleas at the same time as our service will reduce the likelihood of re-infestation. We recommend you regularly clean pet beds, linens, toys, and other fabrics with soap and hot water to prevent further activity. To ensure the effectiveness of our materials, vacuum every day, especially after we complete your service. Our quarterly All Pest Protection maintenance program also includes a warranty for fleas and other pests. For more information, please call or email us.

End Flea problems in 3 easy steps.