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Moisture Ants

Moisture ants are brownish-yellow to dark brown in color and about 1/8th of an inch long. They will invade homes from nests on the property while foraging for food. Occasionally, an outdoor colony will relocate inside a bathroom, kitchen, or wherever a water leak may be. Swarming is one of the most common signs of a moisture ant infestation. You may also see trails, tunnels, and sawdust. This ant species builds nests called “cartons” using soil they carry into the building.

Carton nests resemble hard clods of soil and may be fashioned around areas such as plumbing pipes, sill plates, or wall studs. You may not notice a moisture ant infestation until you open up a wall or see the winged reproductive swarm, typically during late summer in the Pacific Northwest. This can cause homeowners to panic when they see the winged ants pouring out of a window sill, kitchen, or bathroom. 

Moisture ants frequently build their nests in previously damaged wood. But some moisture ant colonies make their nests against the foundation of homes. Their tunneling can cause further structural damage when ignored. If you have a moisture ant problem, it is likely a secondary symptom to an underlying issue with moisture damage that requires remediation.

Chemical pesticides alone will not get rid of a moisture ant infestation. However, periodic applications can definitely slow them down until a more permanent solution can be made. It is recommended to remove the source that has attracted them, like rotting wood, and replace the damaged material to completely rid your structure of moisture ants.

End Moisture Ant problems in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 Inspection

Day 1: Thorough inspection, and initial treatment

Inspection is always our first course of action when addressing a pest infestation. One of our professional technicians will begin treatment by inspecting for damage, environmental factors, and other pest problems.

Step 2 Initial Treatment

Our initial moisture ant treatment will be completed on the same day as your inspection. Remember that moisture and treatment are only a temporary fix to your infestation. Moisture ants will keep coming back until the source of the moisture or water damage is repaired. Fixing any leaks and removing any water-damaged wood around your home or business is important to prevent moisture ants from coming back.

Step 3 30 Day Protection

Follow-ups every 30 days
No contract required

We can help control your moisture ant infestation with monthly treatments. However, we do not offer a warranty for this type of ant treatment.

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