Eliminate Moles From Your Yard the Safe and Natural Way

Mole Control

Sunrise Mole Control Service uses the most effective method available, the commercial kill-trapping of moles is prohibited in Washington State.  We use a poisoned bait that mimics their food source which is an earthworm.  The bait is placed underground for them to consume. Moles are very tricky to get rid of and may require more than one treatment.  For large yards we may have to break up the property into grids. Typically a couple of treatments are needed to get rid of the moles in your yard.  However moles are very territorial and may move into another moles runs after they are killed. Depending on your neighboring property and how much of a food source your yard has can affect the amount of treatments needed.  

Sunrise Pest Management does not require contracts so you are never locked in to do another service.  After the moles are gone we would recommend going to a monthly preventative service that will help stop the moles from coming back to the property.

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Yard Moles and Gophers in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

The most popular species of yard mole in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest is the Townsend Mole (Scapanus townsendii)This mole spends most of its time underground, foraging in shallow burrows for earthworms, small invertebrates and plant material. It is active year-round

The Townsend Mole has dark, velvety fur, a pointed snout, 44 teeth, and large front paws for digging. Moles ears are not visible and they have very small eyes.

Mole hills or mole mounds like these are typical throughout the Pacific Northwest, and are characteristic of Townsend Moles.