Pest Control Videos

Rodent Tracks in the Snow

January 2012 – This footage, by our Technician Billy O., demonstrates the effectiveness of Rodent Bait Stations. Notice the two sets of rodent tracks through the snow leading directly to one of our Bait Stations. Pests are still active in the middle of winter, and snowy conditions actually make it easier to spot rodent activity. Rodent Bait Stations are included with All Pest Protection and may include a warranty against rodent infestation.

Bees Swarm a Wall Nest

Bees fly in an out of a nest opening into an exterior wall void.

Tent Caterpillar Nest

Carpenter Ants get in via Overhead Power Lines

It is very common to notice pests trailing into a home by way of power lines. They will use the wires as a bridge between your home and their nest.

Bees entering a crawlspace nest through a vent screen

Bees are happy to build nests inside your crawlspace. Be very cautious entering a crawlspace if you suspect there is a bees nest inside. The painful effects of stinging insects are much more dangerous inside a confined space like a crawlspace.