Get Rid of Any
Pest Infestation

Pest Control in Kent, WA

At Sunrise Pest Management, we’re serious about getting your pest problem under control today. Bugs aren’t going to leave by themselves and the time to start is now.

What To Expect

Expert Technicians

When you call Sunrise, you will be speaking with one of our licensed pest control experts who will identify your pest, and explain our specialized treatment program. We treat all types of bugs, insects, rodents, spiders, bees, birds, and more.

Next Day Inspection & Service

You’ll get a quote over the phone, and we’ll tell you when we’ll be there. Most of the time, we can schedule your Inspection and Initial Treatment for the next business day. Call 888-376-9109.

Warranty and Follow-Up Service

Depending on the type of pest, and the extent of the infestation, you may need follow-up services to really cure the problem. Follow-up services are especially important when battling rats, mice, Carpenter Ants, or Odorous House Ants. You can also get a warranty with follow-up services: Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

No Contracts

We will never ask you to commit to a contract term or period. Our customers are intelligent, savvy, home-owners that appreciate a straight answer: We do a good job every time, or we’ll come back and fix it for free.