Controlling Powder Post Beetles

Anobiid beetles which are commonly called Powder Post Beetles are very common in crawlspaces here in the Pacific Northwest.   These pests prefer damp timber in poorly ventilated areas. An infestation in crawlspaces or basements often indicates a water leak or other moisture issues.  These beetles need a moisture content of 13% to 18% to survive. Typically, adult beetles lay eggs in cracks and depressions of structural timbers, predominantly Douglas-fir, in the Pacific Northwest.  Upon emergence, larvae bore into wood and may feed for 5-6 years or longer.  

Powder Post Beetle Control

Signs of an infestation may include many small pin sized exit holes that resemble the wood being shot with birdshot.  Seeing frass on floors or ledges can indicate a current or past infestation of Anobiid beetles. Many times these beetles get called out during a home inspection, we can help.   The wood needs to be free of paints, stains, or varnishes as well as having all insulation removed before treatment. We will spray all the wood down to a drip point. This service will not kill all beetles in the wood but will help with re-infestation.  Since these beetles need moisture to survive, addressing the moisture issue will be necessary in complete control. Sometimes if wood is severely damaged the wood may need to be removed and replaced.     

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