Get Rid of Mice and Rats

The Pacific Northwest has one of the highest rodent populations in the United States. Rats and mice invade homes and structures searching for food, water, and shelter. Here in Western Washington, we primarily deal with house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. Rodents are active year-round, especially in winter. This means that all of our technicians are especially knowledgeable in treating, trapping, and stopping rodent activity.

Rodent Control

Rodents live a filthy lifestyle. This is obvious in the evidence they leave behind: urine, droppings, and otherwise contaminated nesting sites. Mice and rat droppings can carry diseases, allergens, toxins, and bacteria. Mice and rats are active all year. Their dislike of the cold drives them toward homes and businesses during the winter. You may find yourself with an unwanted house guest around the holidays or even in spring when the weather begins to warm. 

A rat or mouse must gnaw continuously to wear down their teeth and prevent overgrowth. Given enough time, they can and will gnaw through just about anything. Rodents can damage or destroy insulation, wood, wiring, ducting, doors, weather stripping, and more, costing property owners hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacements. Rodents can also spread diseases and transmit to humans. As such, rodent infestations can pose a significant risk to your home and family health.

The good news is you don’t have to do the dirty work. Our pest control professionals are here to help you get rid of rats and mice in your home and prevent future rodent infestations. Sunrise utilizes Integrated Pest Management techniques to safely and effectively stop rodent infestations and deter potential invaders.

End Rodent problems in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 Initial Inspection & Treatment

Inspect and Begin Treatment

On the day of your service, your Technician will inspect for rodent activity to determine the species, damage caused, and evidence of other pest problems. They will inspect all key locations and areas of concern, including crawl spaces and attics. Once they establish the type of rodent, they will strategically place traps to control interior activity. Your technician removes all food sources that rodents love to feast on, like pet food and peanut butter. During the service, your technician will also determine whether or not the home or building is eligible for an Exclusion Survey. This survey will help us determine whether or not there are existing or potential entry points for rodents that would need to be sealed and repaired.

The Initial Service typically takes one-to-two hours to complete, depending on the size of the structure. We prefer to have someone on-site to meet the technician, give them access to the home’s interior, and point out areas of concern. After the service is completed, your technician will check in with whoever is on-site to share their findings and discuss further service recommendations.

Step 2 Pro-active Treatment

Get Them Out

After setting snap traps and other rodent control devices inside the home, building, or crawl spaces, your technician will need to return to check on those traps, replenish the bait, remove rodents caught, and relocate control devices when necessary. Rodents, particularly rats, are very smart, so control sometimes requires multiple visits.

Regular treatments are done so we can monitor the infestation closely and work diligently to get the problem under control. Follow-up services take place every 2 weeks and are recommended by your technician based on activity levels. Follow-ups cease when the activity stops. Future services are all recommendation-based. We don’t believe in locking our clients into contracts here at Sunrise, so you are never obligated to complete any specific number or type of service.

Step 3 Repair, Sanitize, and Deodorize

Keep Them Out

Your technician may recommend additional services necessary to prevent recurring rodent problems. If your Technician determines that your home is eligible for an Exclusion Survey, we can dispatch a specialized technician to inspect the structure and bid out repairs. Rodents can access a structure through crawl spaces, attics, roofs, ducting, and pipes. The goal of this service is to work towards long-term solutions. The best defense against rodents is to keep them out of the home right from the start.

Other recommendations may include periodic services and inspections to monitor activity around your home and ongoing preventative maintenance. We offer several different services aimed at Rodent prevention. Not all homes are excludable by Sunrise, and sometimes it is more cost-effective to lower the localized rodent population and stop infestations before they begin. Regardless of what your technician suggests, we will work with you, your budget, and your concerns. Finding a solution to keep your home safe is what we’re here for.

Step 4 All Pest Protection


All Pest Protection is a quarterly maintenance service aimed at preventing infestations of general pests such as ants, rodents, bees, and other insects. We come out on a 3-month rotation to provide an exterior perimeter spray where the home and foundation meet. We will also spot treat around doors and windows for activity, sweep reachable webs and spider egg sacs, and maintain rodent bait stations (secured, locked, black plastic boxes) on the home’s exterior to mitigate outside rodent populations.

All Pest Protection (APP) can also include various warranties for general pests, established after the Initial Inspection and Treatment. Once you get started, each quarterly service is only $109 before tax. Should your house be overrun by fleas, bees, spiders, or any pests eligible under your warranty, all you would have to do is give us a call. We’ll dispatch a Technician to complete a pest-specific treatment at no cost to you under your APP Warranty.

End Rodent problems in 4 easy steps.