Get Rid of Mice and Rats

Rats and mice invade homes and buildings in search of food, water, and shelter.  The Pacific Northwest has one of the highest populations of rodents in the United States. There are 3 common rodents that we deal with here in Washington State: the House Mouse, the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat. 

Rodent Control in Gig-harbor, WA

Rats and mice invade homes and buildings in search of food, water, and shelter. Our secret to effective rodent control is to seal up the perimeter to keep rodents out.

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End Rodent problems in 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Initial Inspection & Treatment

Inspect and begin treatment

Inspection is always our first course of action when addressing a pest infestation. One of our professional technicians will begin treatment by inspecting for damage, environmental factors, and other pest problems. We will strategically set traps, bait stations, and other pet and child-safe control devices wherever evidence of rodent activity is found.

Step 2

Exclusion Repairs

Get them out

Rodent Exclusion is the single most effective way to prevent rodents from getting back inside. A rat can squeeze through a half inch opening, and a mouse through an opening half that size. Our technician will find, and provide a written estimate to repair any entry/exit points around your home.

Step 3

Bi-weekly Service

Gain control over existing population

Our technician will come back every 2 weeks to freshen all of our traps and bait stations, dispose of any carcasses, and report our findings to you.

We recommend continuing bi-weekly service as long as you continue to see rodent activity. If you have completed the Exclusion Repairs, you will not need many of these bi-weekly services.

Step 4

Monthly Prevention

Every 30 days. No contract required

Help prevent re-infestation by utilizing outsite-only RBS stations. This will help prevent rodent activity around your home, and is a very safe for both pets and children.