Around Springtime, it is common to begin seeing Yellowjackets, Paper Wasps, Mud Daubers, and other stinging insects. These pests typically pop up during the early weeks of April and May, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Queens spend the majority of the colder months overwintering or hibernating, and rapidly expand their nests once the weather warms up.

Over the course of Spring and Summer, Wasps become increasingly more aggressive, causing disturbance to your property, and can even cause allergic reactions. You may find nests hidden in your eaves or built behind your siding. Sunrise treats wasp nests directly to handle the initial infestation, and we offer pest control services for wasps removal/hornets removal, and to prevent insect activity throughout the year.

Safety First: Call the Professionals

Wasps and other stinging insects build their nests in walls, eaves, attics, or underground. We have several different Wasp species in Western Washington, all varying in size, shape, color, and demeanor. Such species include European Hornet, Yellow Jacket, and Bald-faced Hornet. Sunrise has been operating in the Pacific Northwest since 1978, establishing itself as a reliable service provider. 

You can count on us to get rid of hornets, wasps and other stinging pests.

While we are able to treat several different types of Bees, Wasps, or Hornets, we do not treat Honey Bees. If you spot a developing Honey Bee nest in or around your home, please contact your local Bee Keeper or Swarm Collector. Honey Bees, Mason Bees, and Bumble Bees are beneficial to the environment. Sunrise uses Integrated Pest Management techniques to keep you and your family safe while keeping our environment healthy, too.

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End Wasps and Hornets problems in 3 easy steps

Step 1 Treatment

Inspect and Begin Treatment

Sunrise is able to treat a variety of different nest types. You will be asked where the nest is located when you schedule your service. During the appointment, your Technician will apply our materials directly to the nest. As long as we can do so safely, our Technicians can address nests located in walls, attics, crawl spaces, in the ground, or hanging from the structure. No nest is too big!

If the nest is in excess of 20 feet high or cannot be located, please contact us to inquire about treatment options. 

Step 2 Monitoring

Keep Them Out

Our treatment takes 7 to 10 days to be fully effective. You may also see a spike in activity immediately following your service. Your Technician won’t be removing the nest the same day as your treatment. Wasp colonies have workers and foragers that are outside of the nest for long periods of time. Removing the nest before they’ve all had a chance to return and interact with our materials may cause those returning foragers to rebuild in the same spot. This service comes with a 30-day warranty, so any activity remaining after 10 days can be treated again at no cost. Bees and Wasps do not reuse the nest sites. In fact, these nests break down over Winter, oftentimes making removal of a nest unnecessary.

Step 3 All Pest Protection


All Pest Protection is a quarterly maintenance service aimed to prevent infestations of general pests such as Carpenter Ants, Rodents, Bees, and other insects. We come out on a 3-month rotation to provide an exterior perimeter spray where the home and foundation meet, spot treat around doors and windows for activity, sweep reachable webs and Spider egg sacs, and maintain Rodent Bait Stations (secured, locked, black plastic boxes) on the exterior of the home to mitigate outside Rodent populations.

All Pest Protection (APP) also can include various warranties for general pests, which are established after the Initial Inspection and Treatment. Once you get started, each quarterly service is only $109 before tax. Should your house be overrun by Fleas, Bees, or Spiders, or any of the pests eligible under your warranty, all you would have to do is give us a call. We’ll dispatch a Technician to complete a pest-specific treatment at no cost to you under your APP Warranty.