5 Pests to Look Out for This Fall

October 16, 2022

As bugs prepare for the winter, they retreat indoors to seek shelter during winter. In warmer regions, as the dry season fades to wet, bugs seek out shelter that is warm and dry. While you anticipate spending the rainy or snowy weather in your snug, warm and dry haven indoors, so do bugs. They seek shelter in this weather by seeking shelter in your home. An open door, crack in the wall, loose windows, or any other opening is an open invitation to opportunists that are insects.

Though your house may be protected by pest prevention measures, a change of season may bring different pest management challenges and new invaders. Knowledge of common seasonal pests is crucial so you know what to look for or discuss sightings of them with your pest management professional.

Pests to look out for

1. Spiders

There are different types of spiders, some harmful and venomous, and some that don’t pose a danger to humans. It is important to take care of any spider problems as they can easily get out of hand, increasing the chances of bites.

2. Ants

Ants are pests that never seem to go away. They can spoil your food, and some types of ants can even burrow or eat their way into the wood, causing structural damage to your home.

3. Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are harmful because they can spread diseases. They can normally be found in wooded, bushy, or grassy areas. They can also be found on your pets or rodents, which can bring them into your home.

4. Roaches

Roaches are the most prolific and dangerous pests because they are adaptive to any environment. They have been around for millions of years and can be found all over the world. 


Unfortunately, they are also carriers of viruses, bacteria, or parasites and they may leave it on your food, dishes, counters, and all other surfaces. What makes them more concerning is the fact that they travel through pipes, sewers, garbage, or excrement before they arrive in your home, thus posing a very dangerous health risk.

5. Rodents

They tend to make their way into your home to seek warmth during the cold weather. Rodents are especially dangerous because not only are they carriers of diseases, but they can also cause significant expensive structural damage to your home. Places they love are crawlspaces, attics, or insulation. They can also chew on wires and make homes on your walls. 

How to Get Rid of Fall Pests

A thorough inspection of your house and its surrounding areas is the first step you would need to do. Check areas where insects and rodents can travel or frequently visit such as cracks and crevices on walls, and other gaps or voids around your house. 


Keep food items in sealed containers and put them away. Clean food or drink spillage as soon as possible. Regularly empty trash bins, and tie up trash bags properly, especially those that hold food wastage to prevent pest infestation. 


Keep the overall vicinity clean. Ensure that the bathroom is clean and dry when not in use, the kitchen counter and floors are free from any food particles, the bedroom is tidied up and toys and other items in the children’s room are wiped clean and kept in clean bins. 


Clean up leaves in your yard. Keep your foliage well-trimmed and ensure there are no stagnant bodies of water outdoors. Don’t leave food outside and keep firewood elevated and away from your house. Be cautious of any decor that may attract pests or rodents. 


Remember that these pests can enter through the smallest of cracks on your property. Repairing any cracks and crevices and fixing gaps around your doors and windows would also help keep these pests outdoors. 


Most importantly, have a regular pest control program to maintain a barrier between your home and these pests, like the All Pest Protection program Sunrise Pest Management offers. Think of it as pest insurance. This program controls all of the pests that are likely to invade your home. It also visibly reduces the presence of pests. 


Sunrise Pest Management provides protection to your home, and continuous inspection of your home to ensure a safe and pest-free environment for you, your family, and your home. Our licensed Pest Control Technicians are only a call away should you experience any pest problems. 

Pest Control in Bremerton, Seattle, and Grays Harbor

Given that these pests can squeeze their way in through the smallest of openings, you’ll want to work with a professional like Sunrise Pest Management when it comes to protecting your home. 

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